Space is the place' is titled and inspired after Sun Ra and his Arkestra. 'Space' is seen as an utopian refuge to express black identity freely. Living in a world that capitalises on science fiction and market futurism, the view of Africa is mostly linked to dystopia.
With my work, I try to reflect on the past and heritage and aspire to 'unhide' African culture through my expression of culture, technology and imagination. Even today, people of the African diaspora have aspirations to do great things but face limitations because of severe systematic barriers. Since a lot of our trauma still shapes contemporary art, this aims to be a reminder to strive for a rewarding future, even in moments where any future is difficult for us to imagine. It is about being on a journey and caring about the future generation and our future selves.
"I'd hate to pass through a planet and not leave it better than I found it." - Sun Ra

Photographer: Laurel Chokoago 
STYLING: Cynthia Igbokwe 
MODEL: Angélique, Marielle 
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