FORMATION**NOW Festival is a glocal urban youth, music, dance and theatre festival with a focus on youth culture. For four weeks, a varied program with workshops, discussions, shows, parties, and performances will take place on the grounds of the Oberhafen in Hamburg's Hafencity. FORMATION**NOW forms a real social network in which young people meet find identity and social home. As part of the Formation**Now exhibition, a Fashion Film Festival will take place. Here the works of various international young designers and directors will be shown. The focus of the presented films will be on the visualisation of various cultural influences for the expression of creative identity. The aim is to make a contribution to changing society by creating inspiration and awareness of cultural values and norms. By creating awareness of the socialisation of fashion, cultural practices, and art forms, the aim is also to strengthen the glocal character of the festival and make it tangible.   
Curated by: Cynthia Igbokwe, Jasmin Luu
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