C-Studios is a force to create, develop and implement new ideas -from the launch of new projects and services to the introduction of new internal processes. With our work, we creatively re-combine exciting capabilities and explore new technologies, markets and trends. 
The practices of C-Studios emphasise areas of ethics and emotional intelligence to inspire, innovate, and harness new ways of thinking. Through the introduction of social innovation, and the disruption of current business models, we are shaping innovative communication and cultural strategies for the creative industries. 

C-Studios provides consultation on brand development, brand personality and design.
Now more than ever, brands will have to start embracing vulnerabilities to utilise it into building honest and meaning full relationships. It is crucial to establish a culture and community around the brand that understands the emotions and values of its consumers. Our cultural knowledge assists brands to articulate and genuinely implement their cultural and political positioning in society.                                  
Our services include
Brand maintenance: media, account and community management 
C-Studios develops new concepts and messaging in response to fast-paced and colliding environments.
Our work includes the creative development of brand and campaign strategies, as well as the development of branding material and creative assets. We consult on all brand and design elements of campaigns and analyse the effectiveness of brand messaging. Our knowledge is translated into strategic vantage points to inspire further and drive progressive brand communication. The symbiotic relationship between strategy and creativity is at the centre of our practices. Creativity is, therefore harnessed in every step of strategic processes. Innovation is one of our means of achieving strategic goals which is both driven by strategic design and emergent strategies by creative communities.
Managing uncertainty is a growing challenge in innovation research, as many actors are still struggling with navigating through the constant changes in today's environment and society. Our work supports brands and creatives in providing resilience strategies and scenario planning. We contribute to anticipating the new and next to map out how these shifts are likely to change the social, cultural, ethical and environmental framework of people's lives. 
Our future research practices cover trend forecasting, which involves detecting patterns or shifts in style, attitudes, mindsets or lifestyle options.

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