Cynthia Igbokwe is a Nigerian designer, stylist, curator and marketing manager born in Stuttgart in 1996. Since 2015 she lives in Hamburg and completed her bachelor's degree in media and communication sciences at the University of Hamburg in 2018.  In addition to her current work as a social media manager, she curated the Orange House Exhibition in 2017 as a member of the creative collective Characters, with the aim of promoting up-and-coming artists in Hamburg.                                  
In 2018 she founded C-Studios as an all-in-one creative platform to unite her work in various creative fields such as fashion design, art, music, film and motion design. In 2019 she curated the Colors Exhibition as part of a graduation film production. Since September 2019, Cynthia is studying her Masters in Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins in London, where she is sponsored by the UK/EU Postgraduate Scholarship.

C-Studios creates in-house fashion products, offers diverse creative services and contributes in brand building and creative consulting throughout the design and creative industries. The diverse skillset and adaptability in various fields, enables C-Studios to create innovative work through crossing practice, organisational, and disciplinary boundaries. The goal to create a space where new ideas and projects emerge at the intersection of these fields. Representation, collaboration and inclusivity are key factors in the expression of its creative identity. C-Studios wants to lead a new wave, were art and crafts are progressive, personal and self influenced by culture. By embracing my inner wiring and creating out of my own proximity C-Studios tells stories and creates projects with real references and reflections of the society we live in. C-Studios in its highest form has the goal to connect individuals, to change the views and process of society we live in today.